Berggasse 19, 1090 Vienna

Originally preserved spatial structures reveal an authentic experience of the birthplace of psychoanalysis, and the various exhibits (objects, historical manuscripts, photographs) highlight the professional stations and biographical facettes of Freud’s professional and family life. 

City links. Vienna – Bratislava
Technisches Museum

How are cities linked up? Vienna Technical Museum is answering this question by examining two historic public transport lines, both of which form part of transport infrastructure still in use today: Otto Wagner’s Wiener Stadtbahn metropolitan railway and the “Pressburger Elektrische” Vienna-Bratislava electric railway.

Our City! Jewish Vienna - Then to Now

"Our City!” starts with the years from 1945 to the present on the ground floor. It describes the development, in spite of the unhelpfulness of Austrian post-war politicians, of an almost completely destroyed Jewish community to its present-day modest but highly dynamic presence. 


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KHM, 26.09.2023 - 14.01.2024

The Kunsthistorisches Museum is dedicating its large autumn show of 2023 to a medium that
is intricately intertwined with Renaissance celebration and prestige: monumental tapestries.
The central focus is the series of depictions featuring the life and acts of the apostles St Peter
and St Paul by the momentous painter Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, known as Raphael (1483–
1520). The exhibition traces the sustained influence Raphael’s compositions had on stylistic
developments, in particular of Flemish wall hangings.

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Exhibition space
TMW, from 16th June 2023

Energy is a central component of our modern society. Our daily lives are unimaginable without electricity, heating, or mobility. However, the advancing climate crisis requires a rapid shift in how we can sustainably meet the energy demands of a rapidly growing world population.

The exhibition, created in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology, illustrates the complex dynamics of the energy transition and the climate crisis.


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Exhibition space
Adam Pendleton. Blackness, White, and Light
Mumok, till 07th January 2024

The mumok presents the first comprehensive European solo exhibition of New York-based artist Adam Pendleton. Pendleton develops his painting through a continuous index that records, transposes, and overwrites gestures. Since 2008, the artist has organized a significant portion of his work under the concept of Black Dada, a term that represents an ongoing exploration of the relationship between Blackness, abstraction, and the avant-garde. In Pendleton's painting, drawings, and other works, a visual philosophy of the unfinished postulate becomes visible and tangible. 

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