Albertina, till January 8 2018

Raphael stands alongside Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo as one of art history’s most important masters. As a painter and architect, working in Florence and Rome and for popes and princes, Raphael was a true universal genius of the High Renaissance who constantly sought to strike a balance between naturalist imitation and idealisation.

ON/OFF. The interactive exhibition all about the power grid.

Technisches Museum Wien
The new 500 m² interactive permanent exhibition will examine key aspects of Austria’s national power grid, both now and in the future.Where does our electricity come from? What’s so special about Austria’s electricity grid?

Comrade. Jew. We only wanted Paradise on Earth.
Jüdisches Museum Wien
06 Dec 2017 to 01 May 2018,

In Austria, the antisemitism in the bourgeois parties in particular made the workers’ movement into a political option for Jews, and there were close links between Russian and Austrian Marxists.

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21 Haus
Drawing the world

Albertina, till December 3rd 2017

Pieter Bruegel the Elder is the 16th century’s most important Netherlandish draughtsman. With its selection of 80 works, the Albertina presents the entire spectrum of Bruegel’s drawn and printed oeuvre while also shedding light on his artistic origins via the juxtaposition of his output with high-quality works by important predecessors such as Bosch and Dürer. Included are around 20 of the Netherlandish artist’s most beautiful drawings from the museum’s own extensive holdings.

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The Power of Transformation

KHM, till 21st January 2018

Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) was a star during his lifetime, and he remains a star today. His name is synonymous with an entire period in art history, the Baroque, but contemporary art too cannot ignore him.The works on show – among them around seventy loans from the world’s foremost collections such as the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the Prado in Madrid or the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. – have been carefully selected.


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Art into Life!
Collector Wolfgang Hahn and the 60s

mumok, 10th November till 24th June 2018

In 1978 his collection of around 400 works came to Vienna, where it is now one of mumok’s key collections. In the exhibition Art into Life! Collector Wolfgang Hahn and the 60s, mumok now presents the major works from the Hahn Collection.The aim was to overcome an obsolete tradition in painting, using everyday objects, texts, and musical scores instead of creating classical painting and sculpture.

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