Contemporary art
Albertina, from 12th July 2018

ALBERTINA Contemporary Art presents artworks created from the second half of the 20th century to the present. Around 80 works by artists including Anselm Kiefer, Gerhard Richter, Gottfried Helnwein, Georg Baselitz, Alex Katz, and Maria Lassnig represent the broad diversity of post-1945 artistic stances.

City links. Vienna – Bratislava
Technisches Museum

How are cities linked up? Vienna Technical Museum is answering this question by examining two historic public transport lines, both of which form part of transport infrastructure still in use today: Otto Wagner’s Wiener Stadtbahn metropolitan railway and the “Pressburger Elektrische” Vienna-Bratislava electric railway.

The Place to Be
Jüdisches Museum

What made the Vienna salons the places to be between 1780 and 1938 would be described today as networking in the best sense. The exhibition introduces the salons of Fanny Arnstein and Josephine Wertheimstein, right up to the reform salons of Berta Zuckerkandl and Eugenie Schwarzwald, as cultured spaces of politics and political spaces of culture.

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UNIQA and arts have gone together for many years. The aim of this website is to offer articles concerning all topics of arts and culture, art insurance, addresses of cultural institutions, events and more.

UNIQA is Austria´s leading art insurer. Furthermore UNIQA has committed itself to the sponsoring of cultural institutions, because we are convinced that as a private corporation we bear responsibility for the maintenance and promotion of culture.

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Exhibition space
The Canaletto View
Oberes Belvedere, 29th June - 14th October 2018

Vienna seen from the Belvedere is undoubtedly the most iconic view of the Austrian capital. It became famous because of the painting by Bernardo Bellotto, called Canaletto, and has been dubbed the “Canaletto view” as a result. Current debates surrounding the planned construction of a high-rise building on Heumarkt have recently placed it in the spotlight once more.The view of Vienna from the Upper Belvedere has helped define the city’s self-image since the time of Maria Theresa. This exhibition compares pictures of this view from various historical eras.

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Exhibition space
Stairway to Klimt
Eye to Eye with Klimt

KHM, 13th February to 2nd September 2018

To mark the centenary of the death of Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) we invite museum visitors to take a closer look at his unique paintings displayed twelve metres above ground where they form an integral part of the sumptuous décor of the Main Staircase. As in 2012, a huge bridge weighing four tons will be erected across the Main Staircase to allow visitors to access this magnificent pictorial cycle.


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Exhibition space
55 Dates
highlights of the mumok collection

mumok, 12th July - 03rd February 2019

The exhibition 55 Dates invites visitors to explore 55 works selected from the mumok collection of around 10,000, in “blind dates” with art. These works do not present a classical perspective on art history but rather a diverse coexistence of ways of thinking, themes, and artistic media. The selection ranges from Paul Klee, Giacomo Balla, and Pablo Picasso to Andy Warhol, uniting very different approaches in one show, with Anna Artaker, Cosima von Bonin, Günter Brus, Friedl Dicker, VALIE EXPORT, Marta Hoepffner, Ed Paschke, and many more.

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